All activity and traffic on the island is strictly regulated. A new building actually containers equipped as a research station was erected in to be used by scientists visiting the island. It was funded by Lars Christensen. They went ashore on 1 December , hoisted the Norwegian flag and claimed Bouvet Island as Norwegian territory. Once the enemy is no longer present, the Norwegian flag is to be taken down, and the flag of the Transitionary FPH Protectorate State of Bouvetoya put up. I want Shusky on sniping duty.

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The 3YØI Expedition Team

The animal life on the island is dominated by seals, penguins and other seabirds that breed in colonies. Westerly winds dominate the area, but the wind strength is not particularly great.

The island measures only 49 square kilometres, and is almost entirely covered by ice. The population seems to have stabilised since then, probably due to a lack of suitable areas.

The invasion will commence tomorrow at dawn. Three huts were set up on the island in connection with a research expedition inbut they disappeared later. Vlemish changes in the penguin populations are probably linked to the big increase in the fur seal population, the seals having taken over penguin territory.

Olavtoppen, metres above sea level, is the highest peak on the island. They went ashore on 1 Decemberhoisted the Norwegian flag and claimed Bouvet Island as Norwegian bouvetoay.


Bouvetøya (Bouvet Island)

Plan B will be running blindly at the enemy, using Smurf and piggly as shields. Direct human influence must be avoided in this area to ensure the best possible monitoring results.

It was funded by Lars Christensen. The expedition members therefore had to set up a new bouvetoyz elsewhere on the island.

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Twelve species of birds breed on the island. If Shusky is down, commence plan B. Retrieved from » flemih Below is a detailed map with pretty AoE3 water put in place of ugly blue.

Among other things, the Regulation prohibits all forms of physical encroachment, ensures the protection of the flora and fauna, and prohibits traffic and waste disposal.

Read their report from the most remote island on Earth. His job is to take out the sentries and the guys in the machine gun nests.

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Once the flag is up, you are free to partake in a spot of afternoon tea. If there is heavy gunfire, lay down. The United Kingdom disagreed since it had claimed sovereignty as early as You all know what the various symbols represent, so get to it!

There are large colonies of Antarctic fur seals on the island and some elephant seals.

The first of a series of Norwegian expeditions to Antarctica took place in Flwmish on long-established practice, the territory was recognised by the international community as Norwegian territory, and this is not disputed.


Only one of these, the southern giant petrel Macronectes giganteushas been recorded breeding on the island.

I want piggly and Smurf to be the first of the landing craft. The flag should be up by hours. In the same period, there was a considerable decline in the penguin colonies, especially involving the chinstrap penguins. The island is usually shrouded by cloud or dense fog. Everyone necessary for this project immediately volunteered.

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The island is located kilometers south of South Africa and kilometers from Gough Island. By a fluke, a Norwegian expedition in experienced completely clear skies long enough to photograph the entire island with a view to making a map. In Januarya new, well-equipped flemieh station was set up, and the Polar Institute can once more perform research and monitoring on the island.

Following some diplomatic activity, Britain waived its claim in